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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Davao Light Turns 60

Yesterday we celebrated Davao Lights' 60th Anniversary. The event was held at The Venue, Davao City's premiere entertainment spot. Food, drinks and booze were offered. Service awardees and retirees were recognized during the activity.

The event was great, but I noticed that something is really different. Maybe because of the absence of our late president/coo Al Aboitiz, who we dearly love, or simply because on some issues that the organization is facing right now.

However, the event was held successfully. Upon entering the party place, drum rolls from one of Davao's cultural artist groups are played. Their performance was also stunning. I think it was some sort of an eagle dance. I was carried by the drum beat number.

I didn't finished the whole program, there is still work the following day. In my experience all events that are held at The Venue always ends with a disco. I don't feel like joining the disco, maybe some other time. I got off early after I consumed my share of food and booze.

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