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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Davao Under Water

Row row row your boat.. I think that song just fits in.

It rained so hard yesterday afternoon like there was no tomorrow. The heavy rainfall and high tides caused floods to different area in the city.

I took a taxi to get my wife from school and proceed to by some stuffs at SM Davao. The streets are heavily flooded, we can no longer see the road. The taxi I took dared to cross a street submerged in water. I kept telling the driver that that portion is low and the water is deep, but he didn't listen.

The taxi floor was filled with water. My shoes were wet (but not soaked) and so my pants edge. It was a good thing that our engine didn't fail or else we'll be stranded in the middle of a deeply flooded street.

We stopped at an elevated area to removing the trapped water inside the taxi. It was a funny experience. I hope that won't happen again. I guess the city must deal with this problem seriously.

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