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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Xanders' Big Break

We brought Xander to NCCC Mall last night for some rides and play. It's been quite a while since he got his rides. We tried the animal rides and the animal go round. The mall was not so crowded, so we had a lot of space to roam to.

This was Xander's first ride without me holding him. I enjoyed watching my son grow. He is learning independence. After the rides we went to Discovery City where there is a large play park with obstacles, tubes, catwalks and more. Xander is afraid of closed spaces but this time he overcome it. I am so glad to see him did.

While on our way, we met our former students the Simon Sisters. We stopped for a while for some chat and proceeded to enjoy the rest of the evening.

After a fun time at the play park, we treat ourselves at Jollibee and talk about our adventures.

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the Black 'n White me said...

hi rex, nice pictures of the father and son. Added this link, add mine too here thanks.