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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Alienware Laptop

I got my hands on an Alienware laptop today. It's every gamers dream to have one. It's not mine, its from one of our executives. I just did some configurations so that a particular program could run on it. This is my "crowded" workplace. I'll do some re-arrangement once my new laptop arrives.

My new laptop is a Lenovo. I'll feature it here once I already have it. I heard that its still on delivery. I hope its going to be any sooner.

I used to have an Acer Aspire. My wife is using it now.

Do you think Alienware laptops looks good on me?


Mark said...


I like Alienware laptop to.. That's my dream to buy one this coming December. I hope my dream will come true. Please pray for me.. Just Kidding.. Btw thanks for visit my blog..

Best Regards

neolle said...

Thanks Mark for the visit. I'll be visiting your site soon.