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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Occupational Hobbyist

I came to stumble upon a word called "occupational hobbyist" and I thought that it would be great if I spend some time knowing the lingo. I found out that occupational and hobbyist are two different types of people, perhaps occupational-hobbyist lies in between.

According to Mike Schinkel in his website mikeschinkel.com, "An Occupational [Programmer] is one whose job is something besides programming..." Clearly I can see myself in the description. Borrowing Mike’s words, therefore, A Professional [Programmer] is one whose job is programming [only].

In my career, I can say that I am an Occupational Programmer than a Professional Programmer. Although at certain times I perform like one.

The other type of people is called the Hobbyist. According to Mike, Hobbyist [Programmer]’s main objective is to learn. A Hobbyist [Programmer]’s goal is to get better at something, and is passionate and interested in learning ways than Occupational [Programmers]. This definition is interesting. I can see that I also possess this Hobbyist nature in me. I love to learn and explore and I am interested in learning new things that are not much of interest by Professional and Occupational Programmers.

Overall I can say that I am a 50% Hobbyist, 40% Occupational and 10% Professional Programmer. In my other professions, this came up:
  • Music - I'm a 80% Hobbyist, 15% Occupational and 5% Professional,
  • Photography - I'm a 95% Hobbyist, 3% Occupational and 2% Professional
  • Blogging - I'm a 90% Hobbyist, 9% Occupational and 1% Professional

Which side are you in?

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