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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Time to Get Fit

Loosing weight has been one of my problems. Seems like this is going to a very, very long and tough ride. It has been a roller coaster ever since - I get started with a fitness routine, then I stop, start again, and again stop, and here it is again.

Based on my last annual physical exams I have some health problems like cholesterol and uric levels above normal limits, and over weight. I really wanted to loss weight, but it seems that it is getting impossible every day.

Tomorrow I will be attending a Wellness Evaluation and Scanning by ShapeWorks. Perhaps I can find insights on how to get this weight-loss goal rolling into action.

My friend Joe emailed me earlier on a diet that helped his cousin loose weight effectively. I'll see if this works for me. I'll give it a try somehow.

Tips AND Guidelines:
No more cookies, no more cake, no more of these saturated fats.

These carbs will eventually turn into fat. Foods like sugar, white bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, etc.
are high in simple (bad) carbs. Sure, your body needs carbs,

Stick to high protein/good carb/low fat foods like tuna fish (and other seafood), chicken breast, turkey, whole grains, fruits and vegetables etc.

WATER! Drink water! Get rid of the soda, get rid of the beer, and get rid of the sports drinks.
Drink around a half gallon a day, more if you can. Spread it out throughout the day, just like your 5 meals. Yes that's a lot of water, but it's that water that will give you energy and speed your weight loss.

Some high protein foods include:
Meat, Chicken, Turkey, Fish, Eggs (egg whites), Nuts

How much fat?
For fat, I can't give you an exact number of grams. Instead I can give you a percent. Approximately 25% of you daily calorie intake should come from fat. It doesn't have to be EXACTLY 25%, but something in that range seems to be the ideal amount. And by fat of course, I mean GOOD fat.

Some foods containing "good" fat include:
Fish, Fish oil supplements, Nuts and seeds, Olive oil, Flax seed oil

How many carbs?
And that leaves carbs. You factored in that you need to eat 1 gram of protein per pound. So now do the math. Sticking with the 180lbs example, that means you are eating 180 grams of protein a day.

180x4 = 720 calories. So in this example, 720 calories of the daily calorie intake is accounted for from protein alone.

You can now also factor in the 25% of your daily calorie total coming from fat. Once you factored in both the protein and fat, whatever number of calories you are left with...
those will come from carbs. Got that? 1 gram per pound for protein, 25% of the total calorie intake is fat, and everything else should come from GOOD carbs.

Some foods containing "good" carbs include:
Oatmeal, 100% whole wheat bread, Whole wheat pasta, Brown rice, Yams, Sweet potatoes, Beans, Green leafy vegetables


Gopinath's "Artickles" said...

Hi Neolle,
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment in the same humorous tone that my blog maintains.

If you are trying to lose weight read my humorous write up
Link: http://whatnonsanz.blogspot.com/2008/05/right-in-middle.html

You may read my entire blog if you like humor!

Kari said...

Good luck with your diet and hope you get everything squared away with your health.

Cute kids you have! I have a nephew named Alexander Daniel, pretty close to your son!

Christina Silverio said...

Thank you for the wonderful comments on my blog!
It is so hard to get fit; I'm trying myself. Looks like you have an amazing start, though, and a wonderful family to get fit for!
My in-laws are from the Philippines, so it is wonderful to meet up with you here on the internet!
All the best!

Amber Dawn said...

I have lost 35 pounds since June in this diet/lifestyle change. Lower your carb intake, up your protien. Also, stay away from diet foods that claim lowfat because they are JACKED in carbs which can be even worse. (use REAL salad dressing/mayo etc)) I think diet food today is what is making us fat! It was difficult at first but gets much easier as you go. Filling up on protein and healthy snacks makes you crave less "crap". Good luck!
thanky ou for your comments on my blog. You have a beautiful family!

Morgan said...


Good luck with your fitness program! A couple of years ago, I took on the challenge of getting into shape (very seriously) and ended up losing 80 lbs in the process! It's daunting, it's long, it's very easy to give in...but it's very rewarding in the end, so hang in there and best of luck! :)

I can't agree with you more over the importance of water in your daily diet...it is one of the best components and made such an impact on my overall health when I made the beverage transition from 80% soda to 100% water or natural juices/teas.

Keep us posted on your progress!

P.s.- I have to agree with everyone else, your family is lovely...adorable kids!


rkdsign88 said...

My husband used to have the same problem. The best solution for him is we don't have food in our refrigerator, but I put healthy food in our snack basket.
For me , it is good to eat egg, the whole thing with the yellow one too, the purpose is to make your tummy full. If you like Edamame ( japanese call it) It is the best healthy snack ever for diet & cheap too.

Or you need to eat like your kid, because what your kid eat must be the healthy one.

Have nice weekend

neolle said...

Thank you all for the comments. I'll be visiting your blogs soon.